May 27, 2012

John 10:10
The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

I want that life, I want that God in my life and I want others to see that God in my life.

May 5, 2012

the ARCHER and his friends simplicity.

I had a friend of mine, Kevin Reese, draw a picture for me that i'll never forget. He said life is like a Archer drawing an arrow. He said when God wants to use you He choses you, draws you back and waits to release you. The part about waiting to release, as the Archer waits for His target really got to me. I have a hard time waiting on things and although its said all good things come in time I wish it weren't so. I have yet to meet a soul that looks forward to the DMV or a hungry individual that would rather cook a meal than microwave one. I want to be a noble film maker but become discouraged when I see others around me with opening opportunity. No one wants to wait.

I talked in my last post about reminiscing and the power that's within ones past. I guess if it was possible or even constructive i'd just lay in bed every night thinking about what has been and how i'd prefer it to be once again, like the old days. A sort of thought process that extracts the good from the past and compiles it into one fancy movie tricking myself into thinking that these so called 'good ol days' were simply good, that I have forgotten about the struggle and loneliness and heart ache i've had to endure. I don't want to exaggerate that which has made me stronger but there truly has been some trials and tribulation. I read recently a short one liner that i'll always remember, "a person without a story is a person who doesn't exist." Profound don't you think? Confirms my theory that everywhere there is someone with a story that hasn't been told and that in the end we'd all be able to relate in one area or another with that person. You see the beauty about story telling is that it's an emotional painting of truth, that someone's experiences and opinions can be grasped or forgotten, agreed or disagreed with and that in itself is beautiful. How I so badly want to tell my story, and how so desperately I want to share others.

To end I want to highlight friends and colleagues of mine. Glenn Landberg and Andrew Ford began a blog to do exactly this, tell stories. They've taken two things in which I relate and love, story telling and bicycles and combined them into one. A NEW BIKE is a blog where they post weekly a different individual who tells a little something about themselves and their bike. The simplicity and effectiveness is amazing and I can't but help and applaud their originality. Well done boys.

So take time, sit in one spot before you walk out your doorway this afternoon and really give a good thought as to what you want to do. I'm such an advocate for doing what you love to do and doing everything within your will to make these things come to fruition. God really wants to bless those who are trustworthy with what they've been given. My feet, legs, desires, and hobbies. In one way or another they're all still functioning and working together to be a blessing to me and those around me. Nike hit it big when they began the JUST DO IT campaign...