February 24, 2012

Seattle in 20 frames;

I've never done a post with much more than 5 photos at a time so here, now, you will be viewing my life in 20 B&W images taken over the course of the last 3 months here in Seattle. Hit em!



Of course I live in Seattle and of course
I took a space needle picture (or 3) but
this one is as goes: 5 years prior to this
photo and in the exact 2ft proximity Tim
Darlington and I took the same photo. I 
thought that in remembrance and/or the
sheer enjoyment of making an insignificant
photograph sentimental I'd need to capture this. 
"Don't hate me 'cuz I'm beautiful."-Space Needle

 "Stop. I know what you're going to say and before you say it
find me another Seattle picture that looks similar to this one."

 I've decided that in one way or another I'll document each bike I own.
Which brings me to the fact that I don't actually own this bike but
have brought it under my wing, taken care of it and brought it back
to life. Thanks Brad (roommate) for letting me shred it for the next while.

(not an actual website)

 It took me about 20 mins of standing on the sidewalk in the
drizzle to get this one. People looking at me as if I was
contemplating suicide.




Matthew Pew; a good friend, the man who provided the opening to
live where I do and my first subject to single-light bedroom portraits.

shots from the hip; riding the bus isn't may first choice
of transportation but the dogs were awesome and
the dude who owned them equally as great. trying to
be discrete I set my camera in my lap and let 'er fly.
butt shots!

 Stephen Sturges; what you can't tell about this photo is just
about everything. The cold, the rain, and low light conditions.
Maybe that's why I like it so much. Stephen, checking angles.
Tyler Jenicek; I've been filming on/off with Tyler for about 3
years now and it never fails to come with good vibes.
The kid knows how to produce and is in my top 5 human
beings to film with. Stoked he made it to Seattle.

 Not that I've been here much longer than 3 months
but to me, this is a fairly decent depiction of Seattle.
Overcast, urban, and people chillin hard in random places.
Where's the hipster?

 Brianna Welk;
aka Breezies aka Welk-bot aka Shnauzer aka My Girlfriend.
At Ladro, pretending not to feel awkwardly photographed.

located 10ft above I-5 this trail is one of many favorite short
stretches of bike trail.

 If you know Bri, you know she likes to sleep. Ferry nap.

 Joey Ozol; a fellow film junkie and skatepark addict.
i've always been stoked on Joey and how we conducts himself, always
makes me realize how angry and opionionated I really am haha. 
Here he sizes up the backcrook while Tyler stacks the clips.
Again, super glad he made it out on the trip.
Back Crook. Vancouver, BC

 Tyler drops, Marginal Way status.

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