January 27, 2012

Arcade Fire

I don't consider myself artsy or trendy but can see certain artistic and trendy qualities I posses. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing but because I can say I do it out of sincerity and honesty then i'll be fine with it.

I came across the band ARCADE FIRE about 5 years ago. A bmx company named LOTEK put 2 of their songs in a Vancouver, BC edit they did and I fell in love. In fact watching that video takes me right back to Keystone and Marborols at Rob Crumps house. Good times. Shortly after and since i've refrenced ARCADE FIRE as my favorite modern day band. Their music has always appealed to me and even today as they've become somewhat of a 'trendy band' to listen to I justify it through the fact that I've known then and been jammin' their music since before Neon Bible (their 3rd and best album) came out.

Here's art from a musicical and visual perspective. One of my favorite songs of all time:

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