November 10, 2011

the IDEA of MOOR pictures

my ideology behind my blog is to inform the uninformed. not that i'm a hub for human intelligence but rather to share the very experiences and ideas that keep my engine running. I really wish more people would be as intrigued by myself as I am. but we can't win em' all now can we? I feel i'd have more drive to write if I knew there were actual people out there interested in my statements and theories. (Sarcasm is a personality trait I exercise too often).

I really feel like the nonsense I post should be strictly material that appeals to me. Like in a sense by coming to my blog or whatever this is, you're simply looking into the world of Josh Monteith (MOOR pictures) and the things of this world and of God that really get me thinking and loving this life i've been blessed with. Understand that this is all just human perception.

I'll leave you with this; I was reading a book by Donald Miller called 'Searching for God Knows What'. Donald Miller is speaking from an Aliens perspective.

"Humans, as a species, are constantly, and in every way, comparing themselves to one another, which, given the brief nature of their existence, seems an oddity and, for that matter a waste. Nevertheless, this is the driving influence behind every humans's social development, their emotional health and sense of joy, and, sadly, their greatest tragedies. I is as though something that helped them function and live well has gone missing, and they are pining for that missing thing in all sorts of odd methods, non of which are working. the greater tragedy is that very few people understand they have the disease. This seems strange as well because it is obvious. To be sure, it is killing them, and yet sustaining their social and economic systems. They are an entirely beautiful people with a terrible problem."

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