October 9, 2011

do this: (or don't)

There's something about adventure that I can't get enough of. Friends will legitimately not ask me to do things because of how optimistic I've become of doing anything but the present. Some call it restlessness and some would tag it as anxiety but I believe it's just DNA. I've got an old dusty picture of my grandpa Monteith when he was approximately 19 years old standing next to his '50something Harley. Ape hangers, a tall sissy-bar for roping a tent and sleeping bags and a white 3/4 helmet. Some people are blessed with beautiful heritage.

I'm beginning to realize that the only person that's encouraging these blissful ideas is me and the only person that'll bring them to fruition is me as well. We can't wait on others. Now understand there's a balance of being overwhelming and becoming a nuisance and as soon as we've convinced ourselves that we're the only logical human being and have presumably know everything; we've gone too far. What I'm saying is that I came from parents that just let me do whatever. They were stoked on what I did but honestly, I feel at times they where never the greatest encouragement and I reached a point where I was my own driving force. I have to do it, these things, this mental list of desires and just because people may never back it up doesn't necessarily mean it's unappreciated.

I have a good friend, since I don't believe in best friends, Glenn. Now this friend of mine completed college, packed his car and slowly migrated his way south to Santa Fe. I applaud things like this because when it comes down to it, it's an inkling of desire that sparks change. I'm very much pro-change and hope that my LIFE and not my WORDS reflect this.

I could sit in Java the rest of my days, reading books, talking to Jesus with my wife next to me and a bowl of soul in my hand. Or...I could not. I could make an award winning documentary, win Banff Film Festival and work for Universal Studios till I'm 60 or...I could not. Because to me, and as I get older, I feel less passionate about "making it" and more passionate about doing something. In the instance that we've become more aware of what we're not doing rather than how well we're off we've thrown it all away. We're our own worst enemy and I'm telling you from experience that more than criticism from a few bland people, we ourselves can destroy our own ambitions. Why would I proclaim to be follower of Jesus and then put all I am into making money which biblically, is proclaimed to be the root of all evil. Take my things from me, take my pointless belongings because all I want is God. (Proverbs 30:9-7) And trying to be sincere about that statement is, in itself, a war cry.

my therapy: '78 Honda CB400 the machine that'll end up soaking up many thoughts and carrying me thousands of miles.

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