September 5, 2011

no sense at all.

I ponder in wonder, 'what will I become'
Not a sound, not a sermon
While I'm alone there's no one
'what will I become'

anxious existence, anxiously exhausted
Tired from dreaming, lonely from thinking
to whom will I stand, from these things I run
proceeding to fail enveloped in mercy

can I have the last dance, come as romance
you're going to have to take this one
you're going to have to make us one
'what have I become'

wipe away my existence eternaly
engaged an inner engagement
sought to seek what had only been seen
days reimbursed with ridicule and joy

i'll never turn away, woe my strength
to burn today in Your eyes Jesus
like fire i've been scared
'where have I gone"

Kingdom come my will not done
no longer seeking the wind
woe my friend, please step back
'this I've become'

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