April 7, 2011

Day 1.

a video a day for a week. not actually of my own work but something that inspires me. be blessed. -Joshua

(the art of being passionate about something is so important to me. I see so many people that just love to do nothing. The sad thing is that 95% of the time it only roots back to their parents, a life of mediocracy. I only feel so passionate about such things because of where I came from, that I was once there living for nothing but myself and failing at it. I hope you're encouraged. Don't stress about being the best, stress about not being whatever the hell you want to be.)


  1. such a good find on the video joshy.. :)

  2. Hi Joshua! I hope you don't mind my comment. I saw your videos on vimeo and i thought all videos such amazing. As this video inspires you, your videos inspires me. Man, the BFC mission... your talent with videos... Only God knows how good is to see someone using the talent to Jesus.
    Loving the music is so important to me, Jesus gave me this talent and i'm trying to give back to him the friut of this talent. I don't have the right tools, but all i care is what i'm trying to do. And when i saw what the BFC boys are doing with their skateboards, You with the cinematography art i felt so happy. Sometimes is so hard to understand the God's plan in our life but for other hand is so amazing what He does in our lives.

    Well Joshua, your work inspires me. thank you for take it. It's is a gift from God. I'm sure a lot of youngs are and will be blessed with your talent.

    Your sister in Christ,