April 12, 2011

Day 4.

Rarely do I run across people and/or companies to be exact that seem to be doing what I wish I could. Here's a perfect example of a couple dudes doing what they love and killing it along the way. I know the fact that I'm a die hard cyclist has a lot to do with the realitivity of this short video but even when I look outside of their hearts to design 'commuter friendly' apparel I really see the simplicity of what they do and in a sense, how they present themselves. A company is in direct correlation with the persons personality running the show. Understanding how the 'SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ______" is not just liberal stand on the business world. Do what you love, and make a living out of it.

April 11, 2011

Day 3.

self explanitory.

April 7, 2011

Day 1.

a video a day for a week. not actually of my own work but something that inspires me. be blessed. -Joshua

(the art of being passionate about something is so important to me. I see so many people that just love to do nothing. The sad thing is that 95% of the time it only roots back to their parents, a life of mediocracy. I only feel so passionate about such things because of where I came from, that I was once there living for nothing but myself and failing at it. I hope you're encouraged. Don't stress about being the best, stress about not being whatever the hell you want to be.)

April 6, 2011

April 6th

before you read anything go to THIS link and listen to this song.

go on;

A lot has been going on lately. Not that you care or I would really expound on what I mean by that but it's a lot. Life is so worthless isn't it? One moment I'm striving to be the best bike rider/videographer/photographer/writer the earth has ever seen and the next I'm coming into some form of reconciliation that no matter what I do, I'll eventually die. I put that terribly but what I mean is that often I'm so focused on money, ambitions, relationships and everything else under that sun that God seems to take a back seat and I've actually do more harm than good to myself. I tell God i'll live on the streets if that's where I'll gain relevancy, I'll work the 9-5 if that's where my ministry lies. An opening to peoples lives. Didn't I ask for this? No, but yes, everyday.

I'm still learning but something inside of me says that "struggle" is only direct reflection of a lack of obedience and what's even more frustrating is that it's easier to be told what to do then to be left to figure it out.

Black coffee is so good. I feel like cigarettes shouldn't carry addiction or hurt our lungs. Like American Spirits but no tar or nicotine haha. Frick that'd be awesome. A white mocha is like lust, it super appealing, cost a lot, but will always give you a stomach ache. I'd like to boycott white mochas, and lust for that matter, but i'm sure i'll drink out of both before I die. Plenty of times.

Jesus wants you to know Him did you know that? Like not church service play along but actually KNOW HIM. Did you know that we could attend every christmas, birthday and thanksgiving feast till we die but if I don't actually talk to my relatives I won't know them. Just saying. Pull our heads out of our asses and start talking to Jesus, He'll respond guaranteed.

Love you guys.