March 2, 2011

inspiration; GOD & PHOS

I haven't been in and around a church a long time. Growing up we'd pile into our '96 Dodge Caravan and make the commute almost every sunday but I guess when you're young and naive to who Jesus really is you develop a hardening of heart without ever recognizing it. When I say 'in and around' I mean consciencely attending out of desire, not obligation. It's been a journey and I presume that even if you were to scroll downward to my first post you'd read something about God. A reference to His presence in my life and how it continually to this day has simply lit me up. I love Him.

I don't know why or when but lately (the last 2 months) God has put a burning desire in me to write. Not just the daily journal but to really begin to share my heart. Regardless if it's offensive or crude or bias I feel as though the truth in me, of who I really am, has begun to leak out of my thoughts. I feel as though anything less is acting out in insecurity, it would be me misleading to anyone who cares to read and that for me would be fake and dishonest. I have a passion for peoples stories and along with that I too want no bull shit. If we ask for a sailboat and receive a tramp stamp then why again, would we want to get another tattoo?

With that said I leave you with this:

I remember the day I was scrolling through 'Vimeo Staff Picks' and stumbled across a certain video called 'Last Minutes with Oden'. I hope most of you are familiar with the short piece and if you're not then I'm genuinely sorry for you. The point is that from that day on I was inspired. Not by that video in particular but as I watched other videos produced by this 'PHOS Pictures' I realized "here's a couple dudes who obviously have a relationship with Jesus and are absolutely killing it in the documentary scene." About a year later I went back on Vimeo for my daily check-up and saw that 'Last Minutes with Oden" had received the award for Best Vimeo Video. Rightfully so. I believe in favoratism from God and I believe His favorites are those who genuinely love Him. Simple as it seems I often wonder if I'm missing the mark. Not in a condeming 'you'll never go to Heaven' but am I doing all I can to just genuinely love Jesus and let that show in my day. Here's another outstanding short by PHOS Pictures. Share it with your mother, she'll probably cry.

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