January 21, 2010

boarder of a newspaper

I tend to rip portions of paper to produce bookmarks. It's not stealing and the more I think about it, why are the borders of magazines and newspapers so large? Don't people hold pep-rallys and strap themselves to trees, putting their lives in danger to save this excessive amount of paper? And to think the lady across the floor gave me a dirty look because i wanted to use the very paper we all pay for as a bookmark. I often think how obscured everything is, not that I'm above it or having much say as to the reasoning but it kind of blows my mind when I think about how deeply people chase after things of this world. Let's spend millions of dollars on global research to find a reason and cure as to why are planet is getting warmer. News Flash: the world DOES have an expiration date. If you're looking for a truth, a reason to why everything is as it is, look no further than your heart, your thoughts and for some, that empty anxiety of "there has got to be a better way". I've been there. It's a deep hole that's continually being dug. The Lord has an enormous shovel. This is all.

-Josh M.

just because I love photos and haven't posted one in a while:
I took this photo with the iPhone Christmas morning, across the street from my mothers house. I was waiting for a friend of mine to drop me off a present and spotted the swing. The sun was about as warm as i've seen it and as you can see, made for a good picture. picture taking is so sporadic I love it.

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