August 28, 2009

today: GOOD

the other day I met an older man named Vince. He said to me "now you don't forget to live each day to its full potential you hear. You won't be young forever and you never miss what you have until it's gone."

i couldn't put words together quick enough to reply. i thought "amen" but said nothing. a simple head nod and gesture of appreciation was all he was looking for and all i had to offer.

these lives we live, although set apart, are no doubt awesome. here's to my brothers, sisters, mother and father, chris, corey, and all that have been here to spit some wisdom in my face. thank you God for saving me and giving me a future and hope to hold on to. the bible says 'hope that will never fail'. I love you all.

it's a good day to be alive.

my niggas.

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