August 9, 2009

sympathetic sunday

Today was just one of those days. A day where nothing quite felt right and after a few poor decisions last night, I couldn't help but be trapped in thoughts of regret. I just couldn't shake the burdens i've acquired the last few weeks and they just really hit me today. All at once.
After talking to Chuck and Mario at Merit for a few minutes today I felt the Lord lift everything off my shoulders. It was like He just flipped the light switch and there I was, back to being His child, where I belong. I suddenly became content with my situations and knew that I had already been forgiven for what I had done. God is so freakin' good! Hallelujah!

On a more serious, sad note:

I saw this video about a pro bmx'er named Mike Aitken earlier today. For those of you who aren't familiar with either Mike or bmx the story is that he was spinning a stock 360 over a dirt jump nearly a year ago and had over rotated. He hit his head ridiculously hard and as you'll see in the video, He's got not much left. Just like that, literally the best and most favorite rider of mine was put to a close from one crash. Makes me wonder...

To be honest, I nearly started to cry. I'd have to say that Mikes story has to be on of the saddest i've ever heard, especially bmx related. I honestly was left speechless after watching this short video because I can't really express my thoughts or the sorrow I feel. I guess i'll leave it at that. It's one of those "feel thankful for what you do have" sort of moments. Hundreds of prayers and thoughts go out to Aitken and his family, his son, and everyone close to the guy. God be with you Mike. He loves you deeply, don't forget that.

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