July 2, 2009

Thursday 11:15pm

I was thinking to myself the other day, what if I was to put all my eggs in just one basket, to make all that I am and all that I have into one particular passion. Video? BMX? Writing? or what about the very man that has saved me, Jesus?

I find this a very peculiar thought because although the Lord wants our all, He tends to show me this great return system He's running. I give my time in the morning and a majority of my thoughts during the day and He gives me life. A life unlike any other and a mind complex and confused within itself. He gives me passion to things I didn't know I was passionate about. Eyes to beauty i've never seen. A heart to hear only what they don't want me to know. Hands to create all this according to my specifications, specifications also given to me by God.

Now i'm not really trying to go anywhere with this beside stating exactly what had been on my mind. I find it hard to portray the exact things I see and feel through words but this also, I believe, in time will smooth itself out.

I enjoy attempting to make no sense while spilling words onto lines that don't exist because all that we see is what we see and not what He sees until He shows us the vision of what He wants to see which we'll not show until we see. Like referring tastes to food we've not tried and movies we've not yet wasted sleeping through but in turn will never sleep because we're too awake to involve the uninvolved.

Beginning tonight and ending a week from today i'll spill this anxiety I keep filling up with hours of thoughts, onto this blog. If you follow what i'm saying then cheers, if not then that's sort of why it is the way it is, more of a personal disposal of visions and think-theories.

till tomorrow.

signed, Joshua

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