July 5, 2009

Sunday 11:55pm

Things have been really gnarly lately. Living at the Triplex has always taken its toll but recently it's been in a different way. In the past it seemed as though I would become distant from my home because of the people that lived there, or person I should say. Lately it hasn't really been about that. I mean living with 3 other dudes, it's obvious that we all need our own time but these recent weeks have really been about the burning desire i've been getting. The thing i've been noticing about myself is that i've got A LOT of ambitions. I wish time could stand at a stand still and we'd all have the chance to do whatever we desired and never grew older or had responsibilities or needed money in order to carry them out. Ridiculous I know and i'm only being sarcastic but there is definitely truth behind that statement.
You see, these desires i've been getting, the itch to do something great have been occurring more often than not and not only do I want to do miraculous things, by my fathers will no doubt, but I feel as though my time has come to pick up and move on. Move away, to a place filled with beauty and good people but containing these things not on its cover but in its pages.
Talking to ourselves can be healthy because it's a way to enlighten ourselves and come to grips with things we otherwise my have not thought of. Talking to someone else, that truly cares, can increase the realization 10 fold i've began to, well, realize, causing our minds to ease off the throttle a bit and engage cruise control.
Jason Shadrick (Merit Owner) and I were talking the other day at the Shop and these, what shall we call them, 'Rules of Common Knowledge' persay, came to mind. I was getting the live feed from the Lord about how to look upon the matter of my moving away faster than I could spit out the words. I love God and how He works. What an awesome God we serve.

So to make sense out of no sense at all and a long story pretty freakin' short i've been praying about when I'll move to Tennessee. Nashville to be exact. I know you probably think i'm a nut case and question why of all places i'd move there but trust me, the wager between reasons to move and reasons to not is a million to one. I just have to get the Lord to ok that ONE that i'm still uncertain of. A step of faith.

I know pictures are a form of cover to be judging but I'd have to say it looks like a really nice place.

here's the verse Jason and I kept refering to during our discussion. One of my favorite and a beautiful reminder when my anxiety begins its incline.

Matthew 6:34
“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

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