July 26, 2009

improv and a picture

I've not time but to throw
up down we'll whirl it down
with hopes for a bounce
shattered without floors

today is a past
we cannot pass
a fragile state of empty
that's sure to be last

last in the line
but not to our pulse
true to the mind
and last to have wine

the first shall be last
the last shall be first
the ups can be downs
to be hidden behind frowns

i wrote on a day
where the lame man had lain
to my surprise his hand had been kept
kept his own way

i spoke of a heart
she was attached near the end
end of that world
that since has been pined

his mind was as gold
dull in the dark
but bright in the light
by his friend old as bark

her feet, destine to fall
the mind, as nothing at all
swipe through the space
be not quick to fall

i'll pray for them both
till the end of my time
and there at the end
they'll get to rewind

appropriately so.

I've been going to BFC Monday nights for close to 8 months now. It's like meeting up with your favorite family member if they were multiplied by 35. 35 uncle Ron's or 35 aunty Karen's, just one unique way to think of us. Here I took this photo of Jesse Mays at Jesse Mays. I remember he wasn't searching for any particular passage for any particular reason beside just to do it. The glare off the table and color of the table cloth take me right back to those winter monday nights.

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