July 23, 2009

film > phone

Some days I wake up tired. Some mornings I wake up ready to take on the world and other Afternoons I wake up wondering why I had just slept until noon. Our lives, like the mornings we've began and the nights we've put to a close, are much different from one another, and sometimes my own thoughts and actions differ from one day to the next. You see the point i'm trying to get at and am doing a horrible job is that nothing is really concrete, your weight, what you prefer, how you dress, your current girlfriend, etc. at one point or another it could all change and before you know it Hot Topic's your current employer and Monsters are better tasting than coffee. Not likely but I've come to realize that anything's possible, and I mean literally.

As mentioned in my last post, I believe that the Lords put an aching desire in me to do something elsewhere. You see i've always wanted to move away and my reasoning for moving, like our lives, has changed a few different times. I can't tell you that I am for sure nor when but in a perfect world i'd be gone just before winter began and my return wouldn't be anytime in the late future. Considering we don't live in a perfect world I won't hold my breath.
Something i've had a literal obsession with the last 6 months is 35mm film. I love film. I love the old feel it gives to the person and surroundings and I love the fact that you can't really just lose your photos on a hardrive nor do you take random pictures of your friends throwing up in the toilet or looking super bro-ish on their boats. When taking a picture I believe that there's a recipe being stewed and brewed within our minds. A little, eye, heart, impulse. The picture phone or point and shoot being perfect examples of these pet-peeves and what I don't want to document my life highlights with.
I was looking through the first roll I had shot sometime in November of last year and I wanted to cry. If I get torn up over a few good times I had with a few good buddies of mine not even a year ago, fathom me looking at the same photos 10 years from now.

This is why I love pictures.

I thought i'd just start this off with my favorite photo out of the roll. The lens flare, the shadows, the flex, even the cracks in the road seem to make me spring a tear. Not to mention it was shot from the saddle of my fixie. Now there's a good photo-brew if I do say so myself.

I took this at my fathers wedding while he was waiting for his bride, Mimi, to enter the room and head down the isle. I get almost a farewell feeling when I see this, like the title to the photo could be "his final minutes" or something. For my father, it was momentous in so many ways and for my sisters and me, it was a little closer to a "sending the final kid to college" feeling.

I could either get really deep and relate the sign to our lives or I could not. Here on this day, probably sometime in mid January I took this because I was so immensely attracted to the sign having a bike on it. Most likely because the ice covered roads were depriving me from riding my own.

I'll give you 3 guesses why this photo both makes me laugh and ticks me off. (refer to my last paragraph) "it's time to cut the cake everyone!" I can't eat cake more than once a month and this piece set me straight for 3 months it was so rich. Get it, "so Rich".

Well Those are 4 of my more favorite photos from a roll that's been in slide form for quite a while. I've got plenty more including B&W and a video that I finished the other day so tune back in soon. Thanks everyone.

until then:

Sincerely, Joshua

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