April 3, 2009

Short n' Sweet Sauce

This is going to be short...

Today, April 3rd 2009, was a good day indeed. Started out by waking up, eating some "red eggs" (jail term describing eggs and  salsa), walking down to the office and being greeted by my good friends Chris Lauri and Josh Tyvan. After kickin' it, I went on the Job hunt. First to CP (center partners) then over to Safeway near Costco. After being responsible I chilled at Merit for about an hour, went back downtown and rode the park. About an hour later I rode the fixie to Ink World to check out my nigga Timbalands new ink then headed up to the local Thrift Stores with my boi Zach Black. Met up with Tim, Cody, Mario, Johnny, Zach and headed up to P-Sun's (pacsun) because they had a HECKA DELECTABLE deal on their Vans. (these are the pair I purchased here for $14).  After that we headed to Calypsos, grabbed some brew and then went next door to Toro Viejo for a nice sit-down dinner with the boys. I'm now here in the office and am very well pleased with how today fell together.

The other day (April 1st) Zach, Tim and I set out with snow in air and filmed THIS little piece. This is one of those films were the eyes are in complete control. Sure they did some cool tricks but sometimes you gotta out-do the surroundings and exaggerate the things you work with. It came together nicely, I thought. I love color-correction I would just hate to overdue it.

Tomorrow Chuck Shmidt, Chris Lauri, Josh Wing and Me, Josh Monteith are going up Silver Mountain to film a little short for the BFC Vimeo. I'll send a link as soon as it's finished amidst a new post because i've got a few more things to talk about concerning my spiritual life you could say. Anyway, have a good weekend homies/homie-ets. Talk to you soon...

Mustache March Comparison:

Something like and estimated 32 days is what she was right here.

Here she is seconds after the shave

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