February 23, 2009

Times is Changin'

As I hope you all know by now, I LOVE VIDEO. The english dictionary definition for Love is: an intense feeling of deep affection. Need I say more? Yes. Lately i've really been trying to figure out what I want to do with this gift God has given me, or on the other hand, what God would like me to do with this gift He's given me. The props from the homies are expected I guess you could say and the recognition i've been getting from people in the area and nationally is finally setting in. I've got this guy over here calling me to shoot something for his studio and i've got another trying to get together to show him some editing techniques. Now if my last name was Couillard (no offense)  i'd be all over it like a fat kid on cake but needless to say it's not, nor will it ever be. HUMBLE THE LORD HATH MADE ME AND HUMBLE I SHALL BE. I've come to grips that as for right now, I don't need to be paying bills with mediocre videos, I don't need to be searching for ideas and I definitely don't need to be listening to anyone but God himself (and Chris Lauri). I'm fine with working the 9-5, paying off bills and filming/riding in the off time. I know all the work i've done will someday pay off. I'm in no hurry to do anything but be obedient to what i'm being told to do. It's just how it is, how it happens and how i've come to find the most happiness. Amen?

Last night I spent 5 hours filming my friend and brother in Christ, Zack Black inside of the Elks building. Now if you're not from Ceourd'Alene or not familiar with "the Elks Building" that's located downtown than you will be fairly soon. It's an old run-down community center from, gosh i don't even know, the 60's? Anyway, the place is now filled with lumber, antiques and as of last night, skate ramps. My friend Tim said it best last when we had just finished setting all the lights up..."dang Josh, look at this, look at where we are and what we've created...how sick is this!?"
For him to say that made me realize just a portion of how great God has been. If I can do what i've done in the last 6 months since recommitting my life, imagine a lifetime eh?

In conclusion, sorry i've been typing your face off but this is only a portion of what's been happening lately. I just got to the office from being fired from my job. "not only so but we also rejoice in our sufferings..." and rejoicing I am. Never really enjoyed that job or the owners but i stuck through it and now i'm excited to see what God has in store for me next. Stay tuned for more updates and the short from "the Elks Building" i'll have up within the next few days. Until then, God bless you fools...

the latest edit from BFC that mike miller and I shot. Edited by mike miller. CLICK HERE

February 17, 2009

Cob Webs be gone

Pshhhhhttttt...This is EagleCast to Ghost Rider....
Yes...pssshhhhttt...this is Ghost Rider...what's your 20 EagleCast?
I'm just a lost Bogey trying to get back on track GhostRider...pssshhhttt...
Well it's good to have you back EagleCast...pssshhhttt...over and out...psshhhttt...

It's been a long time since my last post. In fact as you've just read, if I was a truck driver, pilot or creep that'd be somewhat of how my conversation would go when referring to this here blog. A form of make-believe since I'm none of those. 
I've been thinking and I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to try and relate a little more to my own life on this here blog by telling you personal information for frequently than speaking my mind about what Gods been putting on my heart. I mean i'll definitely get my fix of 'heart pouring' writing but I'm choosing to at-least create that base of familiarity before spilling my heart onto your 22in. cinema displays. So here I go...

I'm Joshua Monteith, born in Spokane Washington in Sacred Heart Medical Center and lived in the same trailer park for 17 years in Post Falls Idaho (Lucky Pines Estates). Moved to CdA Idaho with my dad after the 'big break up' and have resided here ever since. I live in a house known as 'the Tri-Plex' with 3 other friends of mine. If you refer to the 2nd post you can see 2 of them, Mario and Chuck. A long time buddy of mine, Tim Darlington, just recently moved in about a week ago. I'm sure i'll vent a little more about my thoughts throughout time but as of right now? well lets just say i've have a lot more sheepish days. Whether or not you agree i've been slowly realizing that I've been created to be an extraordinary tool of God, made in His own image that I might share with others, such as yourself, about what he has told me, shown me, and continues to do. So cheers Lord. I'm obsessed with only things: 
1. riding bikes. up down, left right, no matter where I am or where I plan to be i'll always have a bike to take me there. I haven't driven a vehicle for almost 14 months now and am currently thinking about making it a wholesome 2 years without operating a motorized vehicle. but we'll see...
2. writing. although i don't do nearly as much as i should nor am i an english scholar Gods given me few passions and being able to express thoughts and tell stories through paper and pencil is one of them. I'd give my left ear to be able to go to school. Never been among the wealthy and it seems like every time i get prepared to attend NIC it's shut down. Last year I thought i had it made! Full schedule, good classes and a drive to survive! The reason I know God has other things planned for me right now is very apparent because even when I had it going on, I was drug into jail for 30 days and am still paying for classes I never ended up completing because of it.
3. cinematography. not to be called 'videography'. Not because I know the distinct difference between the two but because I despise the term 'videography'. I wouldn't consider myself an intellectual nor artistic but once again, Gods given me a gift. What I do with these gifts he's given me is completely up to me. To get rich? Nah. To glorify Him? Sign me up. 

speaking of cinematography, here's the latest video I shot and edited. peep it.

stay tuned for more coming very soon, I promise (Glenn)...

February 2, 2009

Sometimes I feel like I could write paragraph after paragraph about how great God is. Well this time i'm going to take a bit of a step back and keep things simple. Jesus, thank you. Thank you for keeping your hands on me while i was running through Post Falls like a chicken with my head cut off, thank you Lord for being there while Joe, Sam, Thomas and I rolled hundreds of feet off the cliff, thank you God for speaking miracles into my life throughout my 100-some days in Jail, thank you for allowing me to have the friends i've had and have, praise your name for the family i've grown with. 

Tomorrow's an interesting day. This exact time last year i was preparing to go to court, mobbing around with Jamison in Big Red talking about how nice it had been not drinking for 3 months. Trying to keep my mind of the court date that would eventually send me into incarceration for the longest 30 days of my life.

I hate to dwell in it, thinking about how bad it was and how even today, it both depresses me and excites me. It's something i rarely talk about and would rather not write about. Maybe one day i'll write a few hours, reminiscing about the things i saw and did but not now. Now i sit here, in a tranquil state of mind shouting nothing but rejoices. Rejoicing my freedom. Thankful for every little piece of life God has used to mold me.

"Most assuredly I say to you, the hour is coming, and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live."   John 5:25