January 12, 2009

Welcome to: Me.

I don't need to tell you who I am or what I enjoy doing. I can't tell you where i've been nor where I'm going. What I can tell you is that because you're reading my thoughts you're now part of them. You've found the 'josh monteith' hot-spot that I've now independently committed myself to. I'm not here to showcase or impress you with what i've discovered or created. I speak only from the mind my best friend Jesus Christ has blessed me with and the eyes he's so graciously given me. At times it may not be from Him with the blasphemic phrases I portray but I promise you, the Lord forgives (Hebrews 9:22)...

Welcome to JoshuaLife.mov


  1. Hello Josh. Can I tell you a funny story. I didn't realize you were Film Bro while I was in Idaho! ha ha that's a good story. Can't wait to read your thoughts. And no, I'm not talking about this blog. I mean I cant wait until I have the power to read minds. Soon! Very Soon!

  2. and a good story that was Jordan. Do you know what's also a funny story, people say that i remind them of your brother. We just might be related and not know it the way things are going anymore.

  3. That must mean you grow facial hair on your eyes! Cause Chase is a hairy beast. Ergo you are a hairy beast!