January 16, 2009

the First Roll

I don't care how trendy you are, and in all actuality I don't care how trendy you're not because I tend to get the feeling that people often pride themselves on exactly this, what they are or are not. Even I will say Photography has become something little 'scenesters' dirty the image of. Or for lack of a better term, Trendy. It's one of the most beautiful forms of Art God has given us and I feel like on a daily occurrence I'm appreciating it more and more but never will I call myself a Photographer. I don't have the passion and I definitely have the wrong friend base with people like Brady and Glenn to share it with, making me look like a school girl. Nonetheless my 35mm Canon and I have been sharing quite a few experiences together since I rescued her from my Grandfathers basement Christmas day. 

These next few photos are that of my first ever roll of film. Being a videographer I guess I know the basics when it comes to shutter speeds and aperture but ever day I seem to muster up a new question i'll text Glenn sometime around 3 in the afternoon. I love capturing life one way or another...

I chose this one of Glenn because in my opinion, it can almost tell you who He is. In fact, if there was a Camera and MacBook next to the raisins i'd say i'd have done nearly a perfect job. But there's not, just a happy kid finally getting his Java Drip.

Baby Squirrel aka Noel Riske. New Years Eve and nothing worthwhile to do. It's a common knowledge of what happens on a holiday such as that and being the kids we are, or were i should say, we did exactly what we needed to. Nothing. 

One of two roommates, Chuck is one of the Godliest men I know. I can honestly say I love these guys and I'm more than excited to see how we all grow in the Lord. Even with the 3ft of snow and 100 mph winds we still mobbed the Suburban out to Jesse's house for a lax version of small group where I captured this photo. Cut off finger gloves and all, He was able to put down the brew.

Something you should learn about this man is that Mario loves french fries. Baked, fried, frozen. As long as there's chili and ketchup drizzled over the top he'll eat the nasty things for breakfast. I'm not kidding. Another thing you'll need to know is that Mario is stoked on God. Does all things in the name of the Lord, he shreds the drums, gnars up the skateboard, and after eating, will undoubtedly tear up the bathroom. Sharer of my bedroom, Mario Martinez lady's and gentlemen.

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  1. this one is such a good post dude.

    way good.

    the one of glenn is priceless as well as all the rest.
    awesome stuff.